Automotive Cleaners

Healy Supplies Ltd provides a comprehensive range of Car Valeting/Detailing and Vehicle Cleaning Products. Many of which are specially formulated specifically for commercial use, gained from over 25 years’ experience of fulfilling customer’s requirements. Our brand Autotec is supplied to ISO 900 standard by an environmentally conscientious company that provide full support in terms of up to the Minute Chip, Cosh and DGSA, along with laboratory testing and sample analysis.

Autotec Products

Car polishes/compounds
fast wax/spray wax
• Renovator polish
• Cutting compounds
• Dry wash guard
• Paint protection system

• Wash and wax
• Shampoo with wax
• Car shampoo
• Aqua marina

Transport cleaners
• Conc t.f.r.
• Truck wash extra
• Hd powerclean
• Powerwash and shine

Tar removers/wheel cleaners
• Tar and glue remover
• Alloy wheel cleaner
• Non-acid wheel cleaner

Glass cleaners
• Glass polish
• Window cleaner
• Windscreen wash

Odour control
• Floral / berry / flowers
• Odoursafe
• Air con cleaner

Interior cleaning
• Carpet shampoo
• Nap interior cleaner
• Techclean / tech clean blue
• Upholstery foam
• Dry clean / freeze spray
• Fabric Protector
• Carpet Dye

Non-caustic tfrs
• h.s.l. power clean
• Foam power clean
• T080 power clean
• Brush wash extra
• Showroom wash and shine
• Wax rinse

Hand care
• Lemon beaded hand cleaner
• Hand wipes
• Pearl soft soap
• Hand sanitiser
• Barrier cream

Degreasers / descalers
• Solvent degreaser
• Concrete remover
• Rust and scale remover
• Workshop degreaser
• Foil
• Moss cleaner
• Graffiti Remover
• Brake cleaner
• Paint Remover
• Snow break granules

• Tyre sheen
• Non-solvent eco tyre shine
• Non sil tyre dressing
• Finish/finish extra
• Silicone spray
• Leather cleaner
• Plastic renovator
• Engine lacquer

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